Wednesday, December 31, 2008

15 minutes..nahi toh gone!

I saw Ghajini a few days ago. I must admit I was impressed.Aamir khan has really put in a lot of hard work and as always he has acted well.Asin has made an impressive debut. She’s lovely as the chirpy bubbly filled with goodness ‘typical hindi movie’ heroine! :)though I found some similarity between her voice and Sri devi’s ,her’s is less shrill though but even she’s got that south Indian accent.

There’s one thing about bollywood movies,or should I the the movies churned our by the’Indian film fratenity’ ,( it seems that what its called these days, months after ‘Bollywood’ was officially accepted as a word in the oxford dictionary! Its strange that they should shun international recognition when its finally granted!) , most of them defy logic! Ghajini is no exception. It’s a bit hard to belive that every fifteen minutes you need to be reminded the whole story of your life and then you are expected to go and ‘revenge’ your girlfriend’s murder!you can go on a killing spree and all that the police does is send one police inspector behind you whom you have successfully encaged in your own house. Cool..,the level of security in out country ( as shown in this movie as well as any other bollywood movie) is laudable! plus all those music videos which have been included!

The fact is if you stop looking for logic,you actually end up enjoying the most bollywood movies Like a friend of mine commented , when I told him that I found 'Rab ne bana di jodi' stupid, that actually we are not supposed to use our brain while watching srk movies.(p.s:he’s a sucker for srk movies!)

Ok,enough bashing bollywood and ghajini..i still loved the movie! !Its a fultoo entertainer! Action,emotion,drama,romance-you said it! The love story presented is too actually feel like drowsing aamir back to sleep when he suddenly interrupts the flash back love story !:)
‘kaise mujhe tum mil agye’ is my favorite track these days(I am an ardent A.R Rehman fan!) and I loved it even more when I saw it as a nicely placed situational song!In short, a cool movie! I didn’t even realize how the three hours flew past!

p.s :I have made sure that I watch “Memeto” !


ancientmariner said...

I had Memento with me .Its not easy to understand that movie!!

Ajith said...

Memento is very different from the indian versions. The movie goes backwards from the climax!!! It was a brilliant film. Indian versions mixed a little romance and songs to make it indian :)

I saw 20 min of 'Rab ne bana di' and deleted the movie from my laptop. It don't even deserve a place in my recycle bin. Its high time directors look at reality than fantasies. They should make films like Wednesday and stop making stupid silly movies like RNBDJ

perturbed perceiver said...

saw was totally engrossing!

asit dhal said...

I watched Ghajani in the 1st day 3rd show and memento on the same night. Memento started from the end and ended explaining each and every logic. But Ghajani started like a psycho killing local dons, continued with all those fucking stories and songs and ended with a revenge.