Tuesday, June 30, 2009

the idiot box..

I had been waiting for this show to come on air. And at last, after the long wait, yesterday it finally did! Those of you who had the (mis)fortune of witnessing this show would agree with me when I say it’s a ground-breaking show. No, its not ground breaking in the sense that it will change reality television forever( just like all other reality shows claim to ) but its pioneering in the sense that it might just question your very purpose of watching TV.. it will raise doubts on your sanity and good judgment! If you haven’t already guessed it, I am talking about the new show Rakhi Ka Swayamvar.

Did anyone on the planet see that or was I the only jobless one around! Well I am telling u, if u missed it you have really missed out on a lot! It was better than all the Laughter Challenge seasons plus Comedy Circus shows put together! Omg! It was hilarious! I mean what was with that stupid ‘introduction with Rakhi’ thing where these guys were to walk down a red carpet and meet Rakhi, trying to make a good first impression. Everyone bought her gifts ranging from jewelry to Ganesh idols to orange barfi’s (!!) and obviously said something in her ‘praise’. Some of them actually seemed quite close to being genuine by calling her ‘divya rupini’ and ‘sapno ki pari’!! I tell u they will make good actors!

There was this one guy who just kept saying AMAAJING AMAAJING! And there were others trying to flaunt their pathetic English skills in front of You-Know-Who! I really didn’t get the point! May be they were trying to give Rakhi competition! For all I can say, they were treading the wrong path. Each of them was trying different things like poetry, dancing etc etc to score ( not literally!) and get a stupid broach dubbed as some ‘pyaar ka nazrana’. And I was just left thinking how much more dumb can this show get. Add to all this, her fake impersonation of being shy and wary--it gave me creeps!! Agghhrr…I did actually end up missing the loud and in-your face bindaas Rahki! She would have kicked each of these contestant’s a$$!! Well then the producers would have gone bankrupt because the show would have to be taken off air!

In short, as u might have guessed already, I loved the show! It had me in splits! :D

You know what the saddest part is, that there are guys, in flesh and blood, who actually participated in that show. It’s said that lakhs of applications were submitted once the show was announced! Oh for God’s sakes! I can’t believe someone actually wants to be RAkhi’s ‘dulha’! I mean I have nothing against her except the fact that SHE IS RAKHI SAWANT! It’s sad that people like her, who have little talent to speak of, make it this big, thanks to jobless channels like AAJ TAK and INDIA TV. Such people and such shows are nothing but free fodder to these baseless channels that showcase everything except meaningful news! I mean when one hears headlines as – “Katrina hai ‘kis’se pareshaan” and “khooni baba ka khufnaak sach”, one can only scorn in distaste!

It just goes on to further justify the nick name given to our television sets…..

Monday, June 29, 2009


This has been one of the nicest vacations I have had till now. I did not do any extra courses. I did not go to visit my relatives (yeah it a pain in the a$$ sometimes).I did not have any holiday homework (as we used to have in school) nor any extra projects, assignments blah blah… And most importantly I did not get bored! Yeah I almost always end up getting bored within a few days and then crave for the collage/school to reopen. But this time I had fun!

So lets talk about what DID happen.Firstly it was my bro’s engagement. We went to Pune. I met my bhabhi! Had a short stay at Banglore too..met up my cousins..All in all it was a fun trip.

Then one of my closest school friends turns up at my city! She’s doing an internship here. In the past three years I had met her only twice! So you can imagine my glee at the news! She stayed at my place for a few days. We even had sleepovers at another friend’s hostel. Thereby I had a short stint at the hostel life too!

Then, another of my school friend turns up! And him, I hadn’t met for like 3 years! So that was real special! He came here just to catch up with all of us..with all the traveling he had to do and even bunk a class..I thought that was real sweet of him!! He served a reason for all our other friends to turn up. It was like a mini reunion of sorts! In my friend’s words “it was like old times again” ! That was one fabulous Sunday!

Then, ofcourse, the outings with my college friends…that’s always on the cards! And add to all this a bit of shopping and a lot of window shopping, luncheons, birthday parties…..! Meanwhile I also I saw New York (the movie) recently. I even sat down to write a review. But it ended in just two lines- was good but a little too senti. Yeah that’s it. If I were to write anything more I would surely give away the story! One of my friends nearly killed me for giving away the ending to him where Kat n John…OMG ...I was just going to do it again, wasn’t I !:)

Well as of now, I am having a good time. Hope it continues till the end of my vacation which still has a few weeks to go.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


I want to go back to the time…..

When “getting high” mean on a swing,

When “drinking” meant bournvita,

When He-man was the only hero,

When “love” was Mom’s hug,

When Dad’s shoulder was the highest place,

When the worst enemies were siblings,

When the only thing that hurt were skinned knees,

When “broken” were only our toys,

When gud byes only meant till tomorrow,

I want to go back

to my childhood……

I wish I had written that! Well…my talent is limited to finding such stuff not exactly writing it…Just read it somewhere so thought of sharing it.

p.s- I am leaving for Pune tomorrow !yeppie!!! To meet my ‘bhabhi-to-be’ ! Double yeppie!!:)

Friday, June 5, 2009


My exams are over! Phew! What a relief! It’s been two days since, and time has just flown by. I didn’t even find time to catch my breath. One doesn’t keep track of time when one is with friends, especially old friends. Met up with two of my school mates after a long time.

All these celebrations have no relation with my exams though! My papers were pathetic. And as every other true engineering student, I too blame the question setters! Seriously, what exactly goes through their minds when they set questions? Always, either the paper is very lengthy or too short leaving us in a dilemma if writing so less would actually fetch us pass marks. Either most part of it is out of syllabus or from those nook and corners of the book which no one cares nor has the patience to go though! Either it’s just concentrated on one single module, which is very dangerous cause if one leaves that module one is bound to flunk, or it covers the whole syllabus so properly that you can’t afford to skip a single paragraph. I do not know if it happens to just our batch, in all the semesters I have noticed that going through previous years questions papers do no good. The pattern, the seemingly important chapters and the mark division schemes everything changes when it comes to our papers! I am sure someone up there in there university just loves us to death. They want us to learn more, so they set questions from like 100 different books making sure there would be a few questions whose terminologies wouldn’t make any sense to us whatsoever. They expect us to learn every possible detail of 6 different subjects in just one semester! What are we, super humans? Oh no, they don’t consider us as anything remotely human else why would they do this to us!

Well truly speaking, we aren’t any less either! The kind of answers we write sure turns them crazy. It ,no doubt, reflects in our results! We have certain tricks up our sleeve to deal with such traumatizing questions. Our motto is simple “if you do not know about the goat, then tie the goat to the tree and explain about the tree”! Either that or our sweet old method of beating around the bush!

Here’s an example:
Q) Explain Wein bridge oscillator. ---8 marks

A) 1.Wein bridge is an oscillator.
2. Wein bridge is bridge kind of oscillator.
3. This oscillator consists of a bridge.
4. Wein is the name of the person who created this oscillator.
5. There are many kinds of oscillator.
6. Eg- Wein bridge oscillator.
7. Its known as oscillator cause it oscillates.
8. Thus this is how Wein bridge oscillator works! :)

See, that’s called tit for tat! You torture us, we wont spare you either!

Another example from this sem’s Operating system paper:
Q) What is dining philosopher’s problem?

(None of us had never even heard anything even remotely close to that .Being a 10 mark question my friend , lets call her ‘Maddy’ , didn’t want to skip it. she took a chance and this is what she came up with…)

A) There were 10 people sitting around a table. They were all dining together. All of them were philosophers. A particular philosopher wanted to take a dish, just then another philosopher too went ahead to take the same dish. So a deadlock happened! (Need I write more………?! And for all that I may know, this might even turn out to be correct!)

Who ever said exams are depressing! We sure know the right time to awaken the humorist in us!

Friday, May 15, 2009

a dog's life..

A ‘dog’s life’ literally means a miserable life .Miserable you say? I have a dog at home but its life is certainly not miserable, rather far from it! Mini has a fabulous life, to the extent that sometimes I even get jealous of her! I tried to do a comparison (Yeah,so I don’t have anything better to do! Like you do? You are reading this!!)

Mini gets up at her will. No one bothers her even if it’s a weekday! And I am to get up before 9 even on Sundays!!

She doesn’t have to freshen up, get ready, grab a hasty breakfast and rush to college everyday! She doesn’t read, write or study! She doesn’t have to tolerate the boring lectures, do assignments or give exams!!!

She wakes up at her will, roams around the house, you know like checking if everything’s the same way she left it last night! And after the yawning, stretching and checking things, she’s taken for a walk. There too she leads the way! She knows were she wants to go and would not listen to anyone else! I am sure she enjoys these walks with her master. I have even noticed her secretly smirk at the street dogs! And why should she not. She’s pretty, eats good food and leads a good life! She obviously would be the point of envy for every dog!

After the pompous walk she’s left to her own self. She can walk around the house, play with the garden insects or just laze around the house doing nothing! No one’s to stop her from doing anything or dictating things that she ought to do. And being a Pomeranian she doesn’t even have to really protect the house or bark at strangers! Her only job is providing company to the housemates and looking pretty! And even that job’s taken care of by others. She’s bathes only once or twice a week. Her owners are to tidy her up, brush her hair and make sure she looks like a doll. See, she doesn’t have to worry even about that!

When I come home in the evening, weary and tired after college, it’s a treat to find her jumping around expressing her joy on seeing me! It’s really great to see someone so overjoyed at the sight of you! She follows me up to the dining table where I sit down for a snack and makes sure that she gets a few tit bits!

If she’s lucky to get a big share, instead of being greedy and eating it all up she would run out and dig up a hole in the garden to hide her treasure! Talk of investments! Though I donno if she goes and gets it later, never seen her doing that!

She doesn’t have to tolerate people she doesn’t like. She can just bark them off! And I tell you she, has a high sense of fashion! She only barks at people who, according to her, are not well dressed! She wouldn’t bark at well dressed strangers! Must have been a clothes stylist in her previous life!

She can spend the whole day, the whole week and year lousing around the house doing nothing and no one complains! And one day –just one day- I spend doing the same and I am deemed lazy and am given hundreds of advices as to how I should put my time to better use! I say- can’t u see the other female in the house doing the same. Why don’t you tell her!

By the time its night I get all tired and even after a hard day I have to stay up late completing some stupid assignments or lab records! And Mini?? Well after a wonderful day spent doing nothing she can doze of to sleep as early as she likes, after having had her dinner of course! She gets very irritated if you serve her dinner late! She’s very particular about food and won’t tolerate incompetence!

And when she sits like a queen on the boundary wall surveying her kingdom, I am sure she enjoys those glances of admiration from not only other dogs but even humans! She’s the prettiest thing on earth and no one can resist touching that cute little fur ball! She’s loved by anyone and everyone she meets! She can strike up friendship with the dullest of people! But friendliness isn’t the only emotion she knows! She can get angry at times and even gloomy when her owners aren’t around. I think that’s really sweet of her to miss them!

So now you see why I envy her! But whatever it is, I love her company! I love it when she pats on my feel to grab my attention, to tell me to play with her or when she cozily sits upon my feet. She knows how to cheer me up when I am down and ease my tensions.

I tell you, she a sweetheart and I love the way she gives a new meaning to her ‘dog’s life’!

Signing off with a related/unrelated slideshow(do watch it till the last slide):

Saturday, May 9, 2009

kya baat hai!!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

sms(silly mesaage service)

Have you seen those Virgin Mobile ads where the girls are sms’n each other totally meaningless things! Seems the trend has caught on!! Yeah, the other day my friend was at this wedding reception which was boring as hell. This is what followed:

(I am typing it in sms lingo so as not t spoil the ‘essence’ of the conversation, just in case it has one! )

My frnd: Hey wassup?Im in dis intensely boring marriage reception…pls reply :-(

Me: did u end up thr?! nywaz m jst watchn this serial called Dill Mil Gaye and I don’t have any idea why I’m doin so!its been telecastn the same ol dumb romantic scenes since ages!

My frnd: Yeah,and they say docs don’t have a life! mom promised I wud get a new dress from these so called relatives! u know else I wudnt hav moved an inch!

Me: u bet!nywaz hp d dres is worth d torture!!;-)

My frnd: naah!thats the worst part!i was cheated into attending this reception.i aint getting no dres!i hate dese ppl!i wish I was dead!

Me: poor soul!wel atleast content urslf with the delicious food.

After a while….

My frnd: Help!am almost dead due to!b4 I die ..just tel abhi I luv him,ok?:-)

[Now a lil note about Abhi.. (name changed, OR may be not!;-) ) He’s our classmate and is that typical geeky guy who wont speak to girls! He’s at least 3 feet shorter than this friend of mine and she falling for him would be the joke of the millennium!

Anyways continuing with the insightful conversation..]

Me: r u sure u wanna convey dis mgs onli 2 him?wat abt the hords f othr guyz u r in luv with?

My frnd: naah,in dis life he’s my one hero!

Me: Gawd! U giv new meaning to d term hero!

My frnd: dnt ,mock my lv,its true n pure as the chemicals in our chemistry lab!

Me: yeah rite!btw rnt thr ny guys worth lukn at?!its a reception aftral!

My frnd: in fact der is 1..m not lying..hes in d navy..quite d tall,dark n handsome types..hes lukn as bored as me

Me: ah!thr u r!thn wats stopn u gal?is it ur conscience telln u to b faithful to dear abhi?oops!4got,u dnt hav one!;) dunt wory I wnt let him knw!u can go ahead!;) or atleast patao him for me!:-)

My frnd: don’t thnk hes interested in me yaar..must have got a girl smwhr.

Me: wonder.. as thy say all gud thngs in life r eithr illegal or taken!:-(

My frnd: hehe..Hey, m finaly getn outta dis place!yippie!ciya 2mrw…


Another example of her shrewd sms’s:

“Hey put 9x fast! awesum muvi!” and I excitedly hop, skip and jump to grab the TV remote only to find movies like Censor, Mr. Prime Minister, Love at times square playing; you know those gems Mr.Dev Anand produced, directed, wrote and enacted in, in the latter part of his career! Having to watch even a few scenes from such movies is 3rd degree torture!

I tell you, she hates me!! :-P