Thursday, January 8, 2009

In awe of the future..

Kids, these days, are so smart! I know i sound like some 50 yr old mother who has just been taught to operate the mobile phone by her teenage daughter, but hey I am not one! I am just 20 summers old and in awe of the kids of this upcoming generation! These kids who might be hardly 10 yrs younger than me, are so much more smarter and outgoing than we ever were at that age. I mean now I can totally relate to the reaction of elders to our age band.

Talking of that I am reminded of the numerous times I have been subjected to lectures by my mom and dad on how simple and undemanding their lifestyles used to be as compared to mine. Ah, well those were hard times I must admit! Well for me it does seem so . Mom says the only time she used to get money all to herself was during vishu ( a festival) when elders are supposed to gift the kids , as opposed to the ‘regular pocket money system’ implemented for me. They would get 2-3rs which they would save until the next time they go to the city and then would invest them in a nice pair of bangles or earrings. And I rush into the nearby mall every weekend to check out what’s new and happening! For them going for a film could be likened to a huge accomplishment, while I can be found on the premises of a hall for every second movie that hits the city. She would tell me of the times when she and all her siblings would sit together for the evening prayer and then wait by the door for grandpa to come in with eatables and how they all would share it .Evening prayers…well.. no comments! They did flock together to the school, which was around 4 km away, on foot! I can’t even imagine walking to my collage even if it were just 1 km away!

Ah, well those were hard times I must admit! Well for me it does seem so. Come to think of it, it’s a sad state of affairs, isn’t it? Or should I ask -is it? I guess one could argue that point. I mean we could always argue that we are in technologically a more superior world and have lives greatest comforts just a ‘supermarket or mall’ away! We have entertainment at our fingertips, be it television, cinema, playstations-you name it! Snail-mail has been replaced by super fast internet and mobile phones! I cant even mention half the technological advances that have taken place over a few decades time.

Well I do not intend to go into the same old brawl of the past vs the present. Its an age old debate with actually no definite answers. Lets just focus on how we can make ourselves a perfect future. And from what I perceive its going to be just fine!


Kido said...

Its an age old debate - You said it!

Evening prayers… comments' Ditto :D

B/w Thank you for visiting my blog :)

Kido :)

Akansha Agrawal said...

Hmm.. Old vs. the new... I guess it also varies from one person to another, how they perceive change! Our parents never had access to telephones, yet each one of them now owns a mobile... so there are some which are beneficial and we can just hug them, and if there are some you don't like, best thing, shrug it off!

ancientmariner said...

you talking about generation gaps..since when!!! no wonder the world is headed towards the doomsday with its scandals and revelations :) So now you can understand when I preach ;)

perturbed perceiver said...

@ Kido-thanks for visiting..

@akansha-totally true..

@ancientmariner-u your preachings are beyond me,anyday!

complexvanilla said...

Hey, brand new blog and more than three posts? Way to go! Keep up the writing and keep entertaining your readers. I see that you already have a fan following!

Tia said...

Hmm...know what there is a paradigm shift in life itself but know what the machines and everything only added to our woes!as we went about solving one problem others popped up!

Ashish said...

Yeah true!
My uncles used to say like this when I was a 10-11 yr old kid but now I feel that they were correct...there's always a generation gap.

asit dhal said...

ya ...time has changed...

My mother once told me that in her days they never saw a TV/computer, etc..In my days I have to give a presentation in a projector.

Time has changed so is the people, lifestyle and mindsets of people.