Tuesday, January 13, 2009

my journey...

India's cultural diversity is not a new thing to reckon. But you know what; I got a slightly different taste of this yesterday when I undertook this day long train journey to my native place,Kerala. In a journey you did end up meeting people from diverse walks of life and from diametrically opposite places. Its an interesting blend and if you are inquisitive enough then u actually end up learning a lot of things .These are some excerpts from my journey:

-met a few Andraite people <donno if they are called so>. There was this lady who had a strange manner of talking on the phone. She would virtually end up almost singing her sentences adding a 'naaaahhh','aaaahh '<add some 'rock on' type music to it to get the effect> to each one of her sentences, but would talk normally otherwise!

- seems most Andraite kids are nicknamed sunny/kanni/bunny or something to the same effect…

-the working middle class has to report to their boss on phone, even during a journey. And whether they like it or not, they don’t have choice!

-its strange how traditional customs can change human nature. Ever heard of two women being at peace with each other when they share the same husband!! Yea, I saw a living example. This 60 something Muslim gentleman was traveling with his 3 wives <yea boys! Get a life! [: P]> who were completely at peace with each other! Traditions, I say!

-its a lot of fun to watch children play, specially toddlers. Great time pass!

-children, again specially toddlers, are best left in the care of their parents. They are too much to handle for me!

-'jab we met' only happens in movies! And even when a moderately good looking guy ended up in the seat opposite to mine, I ran out of luck cause I was traveling with my parents. And if you knew my mother you would agree it’s not really a great idea to start conversing with random guys in front of her!

-I can spend hours just looking at the vast green lands through he window. Now I can successfully tell a maize plant from rice, recognize trees like Eucalyptus, chikoo etc, thanks to my mom!! <Donno what use they are to me! Just one of the many ways to kill boredom! Hmm.. Or is it?>[:P]

-I cut down my food consumption to almost one-half of my normal intake! <Wish I could spend many more days on the train, at least that way I did end up a bit lighter!>

-a good book and good music are my best companions in the otherwise boring journey!

Having reached my destination, I have to catch up with my relatives. It’s been a while since I have been here, though it doesn’t feel like anything must has changed down here except for a few cousins who have suddenly attained coconut tree heights! Hope I have a good stay.


ancientmariner said...

its not just limited to the working middle class. Reporting to your boss applies to all 'classes'
You yearn for 'Jab we met' like situation, I long for a 'Hum Tum'...never gonna happen:)

Kido said...

3 wives! LOL :D

'jab we met' only happens.... in front of her! LOL again :D

Wish you a nice stay :)

perturbed perceiver said...

@ancientmariner: "hum tum" lol!

@Kido: had a nice stay...thnkx

Ashish said... girls also expect "a jab we met" experience???
I thought that it's only for us (desperate-to-talk-to-a-girl types)!
nyways then I hope we meet sometime in a train....what say??

perturbed perceiver said...

@Ashish-sure thing then..tell me the next time u board a train!;)

aZoed said...

I'd rather travel alone than have company... particularly someone who knows me... I love catching up on ol' time favorite songs on my mp3 stick n havin' someone lookin for half the ear phone in such a mood.. is not really appealing.
A Jab We Met like rendezvous won't be a bad idea though.. as Ashish put it... desperate-to-talk-to-a-girl types boy!

S.Ganesh Kumar said...

Kerala is a wonderful place to visit,especially one must watch out for those hills to be completely filled with Coconut trees,that's a lovely sight.Truly,
God's own Country!:)

irfan said...

hiiiiii first of all didnt knew u got ipod nd cell phone together!congrtz for tht!well for ur "jab we met" like situation i bet u it never happens!i v been travelling in train alot for the past 3 years but didnt get lucky once also!i end up sitting with old aunties but they r fun to talk to,they r realy sweet!