Sunday, February 1, 2009

another life...

“the fish looks as if it died of a stroke when it was ‘tandoored’ over an electric wire, and whenever we are served chicken , many of us have noticed a minor yet very mysteriously ominous decrease in the volume of neighborhood crows –not that we link it to the dishes! Not by any chance!”

These were some very interesting description of the food served in the girls hostel of my college. No, fortunately or unfortunately (this bit I am about to explain) , I am not one of the consumers of these delicacies as I inhabit my own house and thereby have to be content with the regular home food, which , by the way, has no excitement and thrill of guessing each which creature of the animal kingdom will be found dead ( or even alive) on the plate. Sob sob……..

Do I sound sarcastic? Do you think I take pride in being a day scholar?

Well, you are not entirely wrong, in that case!

Now how do I say it without sounding overtly modest or covertly boastful?

Actually I have attempted to weigh the options on either side.

These are some of my findings..

The hostel is horrible because:

-the food’s terrible, as already stated above. Moreover you don’t even get a choice in that matter.

-they get a dingy room where 4 students are literally stuffed into, and there’s no guarantee as to who they will be-friends, foes, if your lucky then juniors or in the worst case seniors!!

-they need to share their bathroom! Not with four people but with the whole floor! Yuck!

And trust me when I say it’s in terrible condition. I had been there once …………..and never again!!

-they need to clean their own clothes. I mean that’s not a big deal, till the only holiday you get in the whole week is spent in the washroom!

-one needs to get back to the hostel by 6 p.m. (seriously !it doesn’t even get dark at 6p.m!!)!

-one needs to write an application for everything! You want to go out on a weekday? You want to stay at your local guardians place? You want to let a friend into the hostel? Wanna go for movie? Wanna go for shopping? A trip? A fest? Applications needed everywhere! AAGGHHHRRR…..

-worst of all, one actually has to change in the same room in front of others! Seriously, I was terrified at the thought! If you have been to a girls hostel or mess (and this does NOT refer to the boys), you will understand what I mean. Ok fine, I agree there will be just girls there, but still!! Whatever happened to people being conscious!

-another factor which has become commonplace these days, post the release of movies like ‘Kal ho na ho’ and ‘Dostana’ , is that people actually begin to doubt if one is straight (if you know what I mean….!!:P)

But how much ever I may underplay the hostel life, there’s no hiding the fact that I yearn for the experience.Yeah, I am actually home-sick( to be read as sick and bored of home).it gets boring and monotonous after a while. While in hostel one actually gets to live in with one’s friends-day and night! Hmm… It sure sounds fun! (Ahem!) And moreover, with so many people around, one will never have time to get bored. You can always find someone or the other to give you company. Plus you did be getting the first hand account of all the juicy gossips which are, more often than not, generated in such environments! And then there is the Joy Of Sharing! And many more wonderful things. Some life it is!!:) Hope someday I get a chance to enjoy it too…

P.S- I guess a few statements stated in the above post can be interpreted in more than one ways.[And if any of my relative is reading this I DO NOT know what the other way is!!] I only meant the obvious (which again depends on what comes as ‘obvious’ to you!) and no pun was intended- anywhere!


asit dhal said...

ohh its really miserable to stay in ladies hostel(though I hv no experience and I hardly go to boys hostel).

four people in a tiny cottage...that seems very pathetic.

writing application for every activity is a good precaution...I m talking ab the +ve side

after 6 pm the hostel is closed....I think the hostel is situated in some Arab world.

any way nice blog......

⋙⋙ D € € p ╚╝⋘⋘ said...

nice writing enjoyed readin this post nice blog

p.s thnx for droppin by my blog

Ashish said...

hey hostel life is surely fun but still we miss our home

perturbed perceiver said...

@asit dhal : yeah there are a few +ve's and -ve's of it...

@⋙⋙ D € € p ╚╝⋘⋘ :thankx

@Ashish:i guess thts true..

Chandan said...

Ek dum sahi description- everythin is managable but dat toilet thing ............. yuck!!!

seriously yaar now a days(post khnh n dostana) ppl doubt if u dun hangout with ur opposite sex.

perturbed perceiver said...

@ chandan --eggjactli!!

asit dhal said...

blog rolled u...

ancientmariner said...

"And moreover, with so many people around, one will never have time to get bored"
not exactly!!!

Ajith said...

Never got a chance to see what was happening inside girl's hostel even though I was always curious :) Thanks for giving an insight. Men's hostel is more or less the same, except for the whiskey and Rum bottles. U ll not get much of gossips and we never really had a problem in 'changing in front of others' (As a matter of fact, most of us were 'free men' at hostel)

aZoed said...

loved the way you began the piece... :) and since I'm not relative, I was free to interpret the (un)intended puns :) Hostel life is good... and the three .s mean it isn't entirely that. as i type this sitting in my bed, I remember my doctor's words - "The only reason that you keep getting this disease is, your mess food!"
So, enjoy home and its luxuries while you can" :)

Tys on Ice said...

after having lived practicaly my whole life in hostels, I can say with confidence that u r wrong...

- food is good, it just doesnt know it yet.
- u can also bunk, which is more fun...sneak down the window and go for movies...leave for goa over the weekend, come back to find you are suspended so you take off to coorg..
- 4 guys in a room is like being in a rock concert 24 hrs..its also very dirty..and we spend all our time hoping that our female collegues in their hostel are having lesbian orgies.
- oh yeah..we are comfortable naked and any guy who isnt so becomes labelled gay.

see? all fun :)

perturbed perceiver said...

@Ajith: 'free men' -lol!

@aZoed: thnkx!
aww!poor soul!

@Tys on Ice: it sure seems fun after u described it!!:)