Thursday, May 7, 2009

sms(silly mesaage service)

Have you seen those Virgin Mobile ads where the girls are sms’n each other totally meaningless things! Seems the trend has caught on!! Yeah, the other day my friend was at this wedding reception which was boring as hell. This is what followed:

(I am typing it in sms lingo so as not t spoil the ‘essence’ of the conversation, just in case it has one! )

My frnd: Hey wassup?Im in dis intensely boring marriage reception…pls reply :-(

Me: did u end up thr?! nywaz m jst watchn this serial called Dill Mil Gaye and I don’t have any idea why I’m doin so!its been telecastn the same ol dumb romantic scenes since ages!

My frnd: Yeah,and they say docs don’t have a life! mom promised I wud get a new dress from these so called relatives! u know else I wudnt hav moved an inch!

Me: u bet!nywaz hp d dres is worth d torture!!;-)

My frnd: naah!thats the worst part!i was cheated into attending this reception.i aint getting no dres!i hate dese ppl!i wish I was dead!

Me: poor soul!wel atleast content urslf with the delicious food.

After a while….

My frnd: Help!am almost dead due to!b4 I die ..just tel abhi I luv him,ok?:-)

[Now a lil note about Abhi.. (name changed, OR may be not!;-) ) He’s our classmate and is that typical geeky guy who wont speak to girls! He’s at least 3 feet shorter than this friend of mine and she falling for him would be the joke of the millennium!

Anyways continuing with the insightful conversation..]

Me: r u sure u wanna convey dis mgs onli 2 him?wat abt the hords f othr guyz u r in luv with?

My frnd: naah,in dis life he’s my one hero!

Me: Gawd! U giv new meaning to d term hero!

My frnd: dnt ,mock my lv,its true n pure as the chemicals in our chemistry lab!

Me: yeah rite!btw rnt thr ny guys worth lukn at?!its a reception aftral!

My frnd: in fact der is 1..m not lying..hes in d navy..quite d tall,dark n handsome types..hes lukn as bored as me

Me: ah!thr u r!thn wats stopn u gal?is it ur conscience telln u to b faithful to dear abhi?oops!4got,u dnt hav one!;) dunt wory I wnt let him knw!u can go ahead!;) or atleast patao him for me!:-)

My frnd: don’t thnk hes interested in me yaar..must have got a girl smwhr.

Me: wonder.. as thy say all gud thngs in life r eithr illegal or taken!:-(

My frnd: hehe..Hey, m finaly getn outta dis place!yippie!ciya 2mrw…


Another example of her shrewd sms’s:

“Hey put 9x fast! awesum muvi!” and I excitedly hop, skip and jump to grab the TV remote only to find movies like Censor, Mr. Prime Minister, Love at times square playing; you know those gems Mr.Dev Anand produced, directed, wrote and enacted in, in the latter part of his career! Having to watch even a few scenes from such movies is 3rd degree torture!

I tell you, she hates me!! :-P


Anonymous said...

you know those gems Mr.Dev Anand produced, directed, wrote and enacted inROFL :D

3rd degree torture??? It's worse!!!

Mahesh Sindbandge said...

Thanks for sharing the girls gossip ..

I really wondered what they chat and all :P

Good.. At least you girls talk..guys don't bother at all when it comes to SMS..:P


perturbed perceiver said...

@Kido: u bet it is!

@ Mahesh Sindbandge : :)

ancientmariner said...

silly gals!!! you should be discussing network theory over sms instead of ogling at guys!!!

asit dhal said...


u should forward all these to Abhi !!!!!

perturbed perceiver said...

@ancientmariner : isnt studyn that subject bad enuf! now v shld discus it over sms!!!oh paalleessseee!!!

@ asit dhal: haha..nowaz!!!!!

aZoed said...

first things first... nice texting stamina both of you got there... I refrain from replying to SMSs sometimes just to avoid starting a convo... too lazy you see.. :P

btw... is that 3 feet or inches? either you friend is a demon or d poor guy is a pygmy:D

n don't u dare say any thing about Dev Anand... he's my idol... what a woman charmer man!!!

Anonymous said...

i enjoyed reading this post.. reminded me of so many silly messages i'd sent out to my friends.. :D