Friday, May 15, 2009

a dog's life..

A ‘dog’s life’ literally means a miserable life .Miserable you say? I have a dog at home but its life is certainly not miserable, rather far from it! Mini has a fabulous life, to the extent that sometimes I even get jealous of her! I tried to do a comparison (Yeah,so I don’t have anything better to do! Like you do? You are reading this!!)

Mini gets up at her will. No one bothers her even if it’s a weekday! And I am to get up before 9 even on Sundays!!

She doesn’t have to freshen up, get ready, grab a hasty breakfast and rush to college everyday! She doesn’t read, write or study! She doesn’t have to tolerate the boring lectures, do assignments or give exams!!!

She wakes up at her will, roams around the house, you know like checking if everything’s the same way she left it last night! And after the yawning, stretching and checking things, she’s taken for a walk. There too she leads the way! She knows were she wants to go and would not listen to anyone else! I am sure she enjoys these walks with her master. I have even noticed her secretly smirk at the street dogs! And why should she not. She’s pretty, eats good food and leads a good life! She obviously would be the point of envy for every dog!

After the pompous walk she’s left to her own self. She can walk around the house, play with the garden insects or just laze around the house doing nothing! No one’s to stop her from doing anything or dictating things that she ought to do. And being a Pomeranian she doesn’t even have to really protect the house or bark at strangers! Her only job is providing company to the housemates and looking pretty! And even that job’s taken care of by others. She’s bathes only once or twice a week. Her owners are to tidy her up, brush her hair and make sure she looks like a doll. See, she doesn’t have to worry even about that!

When I come home in the evening, weary and tired after college, it’s a treat to find her jumping around expressing her joy on seeing me! It’s really great to see someone so overjoyed at the sight of you! She follows me up to the dining table where I sit down for a snack and makes sure that she gets a few tit bits!

If she’s lucky to get a big share, instead of being greedy and eating it all up she would run out and dig up a hole in the garden to hide her treasure! Talk of investments! Though I donno if she goes and gets it later, never seen her doing that!

She doesn’t have to tolerate people she doesn’t like. She can just bark them off! And I tell you she, has a high sense of fashion! She only barks at people who, according to her, are not well dressed! She wouldn’t bark at well dressed strangers! Must have been a clothes stylist in her previous life!

She can spend the whole day, the whole week and year lousing around the house doing nothing and no one complains! And one day –just one day- I spend doing the same and I am deemed lazy and am given hundreds of advices as to how I should put my time to better use! I say- can’t u see the other female in the house doing the same. Why don’t you tell her!

By the time its night I get all tired and even after a hard day I have to stay up late completing some stupid assignments or lab records! And Mini?? Well after a wonderful day spent doing nothing she can doze of to sleep as early as she likes, after having had her dinner of course! She gets very irritated if you serve her dinner late! She’s very particular about food and won’t tolerate incompetence!

And when she sits like a queen on the boundary wall surveying her kingdom, I am sure she enjoys those glances of admiration from not only other dogs but even humans! She’s the prettiest thing on earth and no one can resist touching that cute little fur ball! She’s loved by anyone and everyone she meets! She can strike up friendship with the dullest of people! But friendliness isn’t the only emotion she knows! She can get angry at times and even gloomy when her owners aren’t around. I think that’s really sweet of her to miss them!

So now you see why I envy her! But whatever it is, I love her company! I love it when she pats on my feel to grab my attention, to tell me to play with her or when she cozily sits upon my feet. She knows how to cheer me up when I am down and ease my tensions.

I tell you, she a sweetheart and I love the way she gives a new meaning to her ‘dog’s life’!

Signing off with a related/unrelated slideshow(do watch it till the last slide):


aZoed said...

just a day ago.. I saw Marley and Me and now this... man, you people are making me go crazy over having a dog... [when will I get to be on my own? sigh!]

as far as your arguments go... some real valid ones... though I've got a point or two as well...
Mini can't write a blog... you never quite know what's on her mind even when she wants you to.. badly and poor her, she can't chat! [that was from my perspective :P]
good read :)

perturbed perceiver said...

hehe...may be you should give in to the 'signs'!
yeah u have got a valid point there!so there IS some disadv of being a dog!:)

Anonymous said...

i err normally dont like dogs..but when i was with my cousins who have a dog, i realised that having dogs is actually great! The first one to welcome you home is always the dog!
No, I still HATE dogs!
But, yes, a domestic dog's life is lovely!
But hey, its sad when the poor dag has to stay alone in the home when you go out1 :-(

asit dhal said...

ur dog is really lucky.....the entire post is dedicated to this animal !!!!

Stupidosaur said...

To have a charmed life, you got to have money with no tail, or a tail and a master with money who pampers you but no mate, or no tail and a moneyed mate who pampers you.

Can't think of more permutation/combinations now.
Need to swish my tail in leisure for that.

Illeen said...

well i have a mini here at home.. call her maggi..and she is just as delicious as she sounds..
pomerian all she does is move her pretty ass around the house,eat,bark(unlike ur dog),chase butterflies,hide from cats,eat,sleep,watch tv,tug in my bed,eat,follow me everywhere,stick around whenever any cute guy is home,goad him to feed,eat and sleep.. if that's a dog's life,who minds?

ancientmariner said...

another facet of dog's life - inevitably every pretty gal has a pomerian...(or the other way round) and we used to envy it for living a charmed life !!

perturbed perceiver said...

@ramya:yeah its life is lovely!one makes sure that she's never left alone!

@asit dhal: oh yeah,she's lucky i tell u!!

perturbed perceiver said...

@stupidosaur: Lol!!ur rite!

@Illen: yeah that's what..if that's a dog's life,who minds!

@ancientmariner: interesting observation!yeah anyone would envy such a charmed life!

Ria said... sweet, i just love dogs!!but i m yet to have mine. Will get one soon!!

Chandan said...

MTV should air this as FABULOUS LIFESTYLE OF ...........

Anonymous said...

I love doggies :)

The slide's too good :)

B/w sorry for the delay... Wasn't around for quiet sometime...

perturbed perceiver said...

@Ria: yarh u shld!:)

@Chandan: sure enuf!

@Kido: ditto

Anonymous said...

I like dogs. But I like cats too! Hated the last part of that slide :P