Friday, June 5, 2009


My exams are over! Phew! What a relief! It’s been two days since, and time has just flown by. I didn’t even find time to catch my breath. One doesn’t keep track of time when one is with friends, especially old friends. Met up with two of my school mates after a long time.

All these celebrations have no relation with my exams though! My papers were pathetic. And as every other true engineering student, I too blame the question setters! Seriously, what exactly goes through their minds when they set questions? Always, either the paper is very lengthy or too short leaving us in a dilemma if writing so less would actually fetch us pass marks. Either most part of it is out of syllabus or from those nook and corners of the book which no one cares nor has the patience to go though! Either it’s just concentrated on one single module, which is very dangerous cause if one leaves that module one is bound to flunk, or it covers the whole syllabus so properly that you can’t afford to skip a single paragraph. I do not know if it happens to just our batch, in all the semesters I have noticed that going through previous years questions papers do no good. The pattern, the seemingly important chapters and the mark division schemes everything changes when it comes to our papers! I am sure someone up there in there university just loves us to death. They want us to learn more, so they set questions from like 100 different books making sure there would be a few questions whose terminologies wouldn’t make any sense to us whatsoever. They expect us to learn every possible detail of 6 different subjects in just one semester! What are we, super humans? Oh no, they don’t consider us as anything remotely human else why would they do this to us!

Well truly speaking, we aren’t any less either! The kind of answers we write sure turns them crazy. It ,no doubt, reflects in our results! We have certain tricks up our sleeve to deal with such traumatizing questions. Our motto is simple “if you do not know about the goat, then tie the goat to the tree and explain about the tree”! Either that or our sweet old method of beating around the bush!

Here’s an example:
Q) Explain Wein bridge oscillator. ---8 marks

A) 1.Wein bridge is an oscillator.
2. Wein bridge is bridge kind of oscillator.
3. This oscillator consists of a bridge.
4. Wein is the name of the person who created this oscillator.
5. There are many kinds of oscillator.
6. Eg- Wein bridge oscillator.
7. Its known as oscillator cause it oscillates.
8. Thus this is how Wein bridge oscillator works! :)

See, that’s called tit for tat! You torture us, we wont spare you either!

Another example from this sem’s Operating system paper:
Q) What is dining philosopher’s problem?

(None of us had never even heard anything even remotely close to that .Being a 10 mark question my friend , lets call her ‘Maddy’ , didn’t want to skip it. she took a chance and this is what she came up with…)

A) There were 10 people sitting around a table. They were all dining together. All of them were philosophers. A particular philosopher wanted to take a dish, just then another philosopher too went ahead to take the same dish. So a deadlock happened! (Need I write more………?! And for all that I may know, this might even turn out to be correct!)

Who ever said exams are depressing! We sure know the right time to awaken the humorist in us!


asit dhal said...

ohhhhh....I have similar kind of experience. The question setters set question as if we all r IITians or psychos who only read, read and read.
But interesting thing ab this is, the result depends upon how cleverly u can bluff in the copy !!!!

any way its nice to read about my own university !!!!

Mahesh Sindbandge said...

Wow..some one shared a question with us...

I remember blaming question paper setters..
My set was either very lengthy or very tough....

Glad to see u back....


perturbed perceiver said...

@asit dhal: yeah true..our papers test all the grammar and sentence making that we have learned since our kindergarden..:)

@Mahesh Sindbandge: we still blame the question setters!that's every student's birth right!;)

Arjun said...

hahahaha.. roflmao.....!! Very funny.. n i cld relate to it so much...

The second paragraph.. It's like. if i had written it I would have written the precisely the same...

The answers.. heehehe... We get innovative there... :)

I used to write 4 lines of anything related to it.. and repeat those 4 lines thrice.. :P :P

Keep posting often..!!


Ria said...

yeah i had got these one on mail sometime back. And good to knw tht u r done with ur exmz. Never mind the results though. :P I never thought of them....all i knew was tht exmz over mean party time!! :)

ancientmariner said... this what engg colleges churn out these days !!...he he...poor examiners :)

Anonymous said...

ROFL... Who ever said exams are depressing! We sure know the right time to awaken the humorist in us! How true!!!

perturbed perceiver said...

@Arjun: we sure get innovative!:)

@ Ria: how true..

@ ancientmariner: oh yeah? nd wat bat 'poor us'??

@ Kido:Yeah!!!:)

Illeen said...



Thats all r the facts that i can remember regarding exams and i m sure every other student of our university would agree to that.
anywayz nicely quoted and plz give some true examples frm some our questions..............

aZoed said...

hahahaha. lol. Those answers are simply genius. And your friend's version of The Dining Philosopher's problem comes tantalisingly close. Engineers everywhere are made that way. Queer ways, Queerer means. And since Indians are the king of JUGAAD, Indian engineers are the most sought after.