Monday, June 29, 2009


This has been one of the nicest vacations I have had till now. I did not do any extra courses. I did not go to visit my relatives (yeah it a pain in the a$$ sometimes).I did not have any holiday homework (as we used to have in school) nor any extra projects, assignments blah blah… And most importantly I did not get bored! Yeah I almost always end up getting bored within a few days and then crave for the collage/school to reopen. But this time I had fun!

So lets talk about what DID happen.Firstly it was my bro’s engagement. We went to Pune. I met my bhabhi! Had a short stay at Banglore too..met up my cousins..All in all it was a fun trip.

Then one of my closest school friends turns up at my city! She’s doing an internship here. In the past three years I had met her only twice! So you can imagine my glee at the news! She stayed at my place for a few days. We even had sleepovers at another friend’s hostel. Thereby I had a short stint at the hostel life too!

Then, another of my school friend turns up! And him, I hadn’t met for like 3 years! So that was real special! He came here just to catch up with all of us..with all the traveling he had to do and even bunk a class..I thought that was real sweet of him!! He served a reason for all our other friends to turn up. It was like a mini reunion of sorts! In my friend’s words “it was like old times again” ! That was one fabulous Sunday!

Then, ofcourse, the outings with my college friends…that’s always on the cards! And add to all this a bit of shopping and a lot of window shopping, luncheons, birthday parties…..! Meanwhile I also I saw New York (the movie) recently. I even sat down to write a review. But it ended in just two lines- was good but a little too senti. Yeah that’s it. If I were to write anything more I would surely give away the story! One of my friends nearly killed me for giving away the ending to him where Kat n John…OMG ...I was just going to do it again, wasn’t I !:)

Well as of now, I am having a good time. Hope it continues till the end of my vacation which still has a few weeks to go.


asit dhal said...

vacation is always friends !!!!

But sometimes a lot of things happen in the vacation....

gonna watch New York when it will be available in the torrent network...lolz !!!

Rajeev R said...

vacation is good! enjot it


perturbed perceiver said...

@asit: yeah when things happen,it gets interesting!

@Rajeev: thnkx..

aZoed said...

seems like a real nice time that you seem to be having away from the hassles of academics... nice to know :)

and you could have fearlessly given the climax away... a lot of my 'dosti k naam pe dhabba friends' have done that to me already